ExMo: A Polemic

In the spirit of explaining the title of this blog and my username, I offer for you my beliefs and opinions.  Although you may see them as being one-sided, there is nuance there that leads me to believe that I am not one-dimensional.  I firmly identify as moderate, and I mean that to say that I am always open to conflicting opinions and always questioning my own assumptions.  My views on many topics have changed in my lifetime, and I hope that they continue to do so.  Some may see this as wishy-washy; I see it as mature.

1) I reject, full stop, the notion that political opinions are one-dimensional.

2)  I believe that women should have the right to choose whether or not to have an abortion.  I also believe that our government and our society should do everything in its power to limit the number of unwanted pregnancies because, at the end of the day, having to make such a choice sucks.

3)  I believe that we all make choices.  Every day.  We make choices whether or not to get up in the morning, whether or not and how to dress ourselves, whether or not to do drugs or drink or marry an asshole or have unprotected sex.  I believe that we should, to a certain extent, be held responsible for those choices.  However, I also believe that these choices are bound by social context.  My choices, my options, as a white middle class woman, are different from someone who is not white and middle class and female.  I don’t see how these two beliefs are mutually exclusive.

4) I believe that Big Government and Big Business are equally reprehensible.  For the most part, I want to be left alone.   I want to have freedom to make decisions that are not influenced by monopolies or mandated by governments.  On the other hand, I at least have a hand in electing my government, so I’m a bit more comfortable with them making laws.

5)  I believe that we live in a society where race matters.  I also believe that color-blindness is not a viable option because it stops the conversation that we should be having.  Until we can be honest and non-defensive, we will continue to have the same problems that have plagued our nation since it’s inception.  I also believe that the PC machine has gotten out of hand and that it is the mechanism by which color-blind racism is allowed to exist.

6)  I believe that drugs should be decriminalized.  However, I don’t think that all drugs are created equal.  Marijuana is not heroin is not LSD is not methadone.  I believe that we need responsible, realistic, harm-reducing, drug policy.  I believe the War On Drugs to be a farce.

7) I believe that access to healthcare is a fundamental human right.  I am, however, realistic, and realize that this is fucking America.  This means that I accept the fact that a single-payer, government run system is probably not in our future.  I believe the government should do everything it can to make health care affordable to all.  I also agree with page 2 of this article, but not so much page 5.

8)  I believe that the patriarchy is real, that it is a system that damages men and women, and that it is a system we are all complicit in.  I get very angry when men do not recognize their own priviledge, but I don’t feel it is my responsibility to teach them.

9)  I believe that the education system in our nation is broken, broken almost beyond repair, and that only a combination of responsible and thoughtful mandates and market competition will fix it.

10)  I believe, firmly, that you and I can disagree on any of the previous 9 items and still be friends, lovers, co-workers, neighbors, spouses, drinking buddies and office mates.  If you disagree with this then that is on you, not me.


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