About ExMo

Your esteemed blogmistress is a native Midwesterner, who spent several years in purgatory graduate school in the Deep South.  She is now back on the prairie, and has some interesting things to say about moving from a working-class black neighborhood in the Deep South to a farm town where there are only white people.

She holds a PhD in sociology, and therefore assumes that she is better than you. Obviously.

She has a job at a college where she teaches fresh-faced and naive students that, holy fucking shit, it is not all about them.  She, however, will not blog about her work as doing so is a mighty brilliant way to get fired.  Until she has tenure, because then?  Look out.

When she is not working, you can likely find her driving with the windows down and the system up, harnessing her chi and shit while doing vinyasa yoga, or taking a nap with The Simpsons on.

She is married to a flawed but beautiful human being she calls The Mr, and she lives with him and their dumb but lovable German Shepherd.  In their spare time, ExMo and the Mr enjoy watching old movies that have little applicability to their modern lives, homebrewing, and telling off-color jokes.

She loves sour candy, Jersey Shore, India Pale Ales, and sitting on a porch swing.  She hates dogs that are not bigger than cats, having wet socks, and people who write their “About” pages entirely in the third person.


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